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BioPharmX to Present at Re-entering Antibacterial Discovery and Development Summit 2017

Topical Minocycline Gel Offers Potential Advantages in the Treatment of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Findings to be presented at antibacterial drug developers meeting in Boston

Oct 18, 2017

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- BioPharmX Corporation (NYSE MKT: BPMX) will share research suggesting that BPX-01, the company's topical gel formulation of minocycline, may be useful in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases, including acne and papulopustular rosacea, particularly as the medical community has growing concerns about antibiotic resistance secondary to systemic exposure.

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A presentation at the Re-entering Antibacterial Discovery and Development Summit on Oct. 18-20 in Boston concludes that minocycline is effective in fighting gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as other micro-organisms implicated in rosacea and acne – while also alleviating the inflammation they cause. Many antibiotic therapies used today fight bacteria in the skin, but do little to alleviate the inflammation or the associated discomfort.   

The poster, entitled "Development of Minocycline (BPX-01) as a Topical Treatment for Acne Vulgaris and Rosacea," reports that pre-clinical study findings of no or low erythema suggest that topical administration of minocycline may be useful for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases. It also reports that BPX-01 topical minocycline was well tolerated among clinical trial participants and that more than 85 percent of subjects said they would use it again.

BioPharmX is the first company to develop an effective topical formulation of minocycline thereby taking full advantage of its potential in treating inflammatory skin diseases while minimizing systemic exposure. BPX-01 is the first topical gel formulation of minocycline that can penetrate the skin to deliver the antibiotic to the pilosebaceous unit, where acne- and rosacea-associated inflammation develops. It is also the first and only stable hydrophilic and non-oil-based topical gel comprising of fully solubilized  minocycline, rather than crystal suspension of the active ingredient.

"Research shows BPX-01 unleashes the potential therapeutic advantages of minocycline for the treatment of acne and rosacea by efficient delivery to the area of the skin where these diseases emerge," said Kin F. Chan, PHD, executive vice president of research and development at BioPharmX.

The company's clinical studies are designed to confirm whether BPX-01 can effectively treat acne and rosacea with lower, safer dosages of the antibiotic.

About BPX-01
BPX-011 is a hydrophilic (non-oil-based) topical gel with fully solubilized minocycline that has been shown to penetrate the skin to deliver the antibiotic to its target. Following positive results from its previously announced phase 2b study of BPX-01 in acne, BioPharmX continues with phase 3 clinical study plans for BPX-01 for the treatment of acne.

About BioPharmX® Corporation
BioPharmX Corporation (NYSE MKT: BPMX) is a Silicon Valley-based specialty pharmaceutical company, which seeks to provide products through proprietary platform technologies for prescription, over-the-counter (OTC), and supplement applications in the health and wellness markets, including dermatology and women's health. To learn more about BioPharmX, visit

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1Caution: BPX-01 is a new drug limited by U.S. law to investigational use.


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