When was BioPharmX founded?

Thompson Designs, Inc., the predecessor corporation to BioPharmX, was founded in 2010.

When was BioPharmX incorporated?

BioPharmX refers to BioPharmX Corporation, which was incorporated in Delaware on April 24, 2014.

Where is BioPharmX located?

BioPharmX is located at 900 E. Hamilton Avenue, Suite 100, Campbell, California 95008.

When did BioPharmX become a publicly traded company?

BioPharmX went public by a reverse merger with a shell company in January of 2014.

Where is BioPharmX stock traded?

Our stock is traded on the NYSE American under the symbol BPMX.

When does BioPharmX’s fiscal year end?

BioPharmX’s fiscal year ends January 31.

Who sits on BioPharmX’s Management Team?

Information on BioPharmX’s Management Team can be found here.

Who do I contact for information regarding my stockholder account? Who is BioPharmX’s transfer agent?

If you hold BioPharmX stock in your name (versus through a stockbroker) please contact BioPharmX’s transfer agent: Computershare

Who audits BioPharmX?

10 Almaden Boulevard, Suite 1000
San Jose, CA 95133

What happened to VI2OLET?

BioPharmX divested its rights to develop, manufacture, market and sell VI2OLET to another company. For any questions, please call 760-299-4555.

Does BioPharmX pay a dividend?


How can I obtain a copy of the final prospectus?

You can read or download a copy of BioPharmX’s most recent SEC filings here.